Who doesn’t love a lily bouquet? Of course, many like the lily bouquet.

Lilies are summer flowers with the surname Lilium. Lilies have broad petals like trumpets. Lilies have pistils like matchsticks. The leaves of the lily plant are green and the stems are elongated. Lilies are native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean. Lilies have many beautiful colors. Lilies also have a fragrant aroma.

In Greek legend, lilies came from the milk shed by the goddess Hera. When Dewi Hera was breastfeeding her child, she accidentally spilled her milk on the earth. That was the beginning of the growth of lilies on earth.

Lilies are often used as flower bouquets. In fact, lilies are dubbed the queen of the garden. Lili has the meaning of purity, purity, and modesty. Lilies are considered a symbol of beauty and are often mentioned in the Bible.

A lily bouquet is generally given to a lover to express the amount of love he has. A bouquet of white lilies indicates loyalty, sincerity, chastity, strong devotion, and the beginning of a new life. Usually, a bouquet of white lilies is used as a hand bouquet on the wedding day.

A bouquet of yellow lilies means true friendship. But if someone gives a bouquet of yellow lilies in excess, the meaning will be different. It can mean falsehood or depressed feelings.

A bouquet of red lilies has the meaning of abundant prosperity and wealth. A bouquet of orange lilies has the great meaning of hatred, lies, and humiliation.

A lily bouquet can be combined with other flowers. In addition to having a more complex meaning, combining lilies and other flowers will add to the beauty and aesthetics of the bouquet. There are many flowers to choose from. What are they?

  1. Rose and Lily Bouquet

Similar to a lily bouquet, a bouquet of roses is also often chosen as a gift for a lover. Roses have the meaning of love, loyalty, joy, and happiness. The presence of roses in a bouquet will represent a person’s sincere feelings for his lover. That’s why roses are suitable when combined with lilies. The combination of these two flowers will show pure love and a symbol of loyalty.

Lilies or roses both have a variety of colors. Each color has a different meaning. That’s why the combination of these two flowers is right for any purpose. In addition to romantic moments with a partner, a bouquet of lilies and roses can also be intended for friends, co-workers, or family. Before giving a bouquet of lilies and roses, you must know what meaning you want to show. This will make it easier for you to choose the color of the flowers.

For example, you can give a bouquet of white lilies and pink roses to your family. White lilies symbolize sincerity, while pink roses represent happiness and gratitude. You can also give a bouquet of white lilies with yellow roses to a friend. Yellow roses symbolize joy that is suitable to be given to friends.

  1. Daisy and Lily Bouquet

In addition to roses, you can also choose a bouquet of lilies and daisies. Daisy is also one of the most popular flowers in the world. Even though they are small, daisies have a beautiful appearance. Daisy has a yellow center and white petals.

Daisy has the meaning of purity, loyalty, patience, and also simplicity. The classic white daisy is interpreted as a symbol of humility. Daisy in blue is quite a step up. The blue daisy symbolizes openness and peace.

The combination of lilies and daisies will certainly create a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. The meaning of course varies. Generally, the daisies used are white. We can combine it with various colors of lilies. Choose lilies according to the meaning we want to convey.

  1. Baby Breath and Lily Bouquet

Baby breath is a flower that grows a lot in Eastern Europe. This flower has small petals and belongs to the Caryophyllaceae.

As the name suggests, baby breath has the meaning of innocence and purity like a baby. Usually, baby breath is used as a hand bouquet at weddings.

The combination of lilies with baby breath flowers will certainly give a deep meaning. Why? Because both signify sincerity and immortality. For example, you give a bouquet of white lilies and baby breath to your partner. It will represent your sincere feelings and hope to be with him forever. This bouquet is also suitable for us to give to a new partner because it can symbolize a new leaf.

Baby breath actually has many colors. Yellow baby breath symbolizes joy. Baby breath pink symbolizes admiration for someone.

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