Gaviscon Double Action sachet is a product which helps in relieving discomfort due to indigestion and heartburn. It contains sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate which help in neutralising excess stomach acid. Sodium alginate in the ingredient will turn into gel upon contact with gastric acid, forming a protective layer to reduce the flow of acid back into your food pipe. In this article, we will explore how to use the Gaviscon Double Action Sachet.

Who can take the Gaviscon Double Action sachet?

Gaviscon is suitable for adults and children over 12 years old. It is also safe to be used in the elderly, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Children under 12 years old require permission from a doctor before usage.

How to use a Gaviscon Double Action sachet?

Please follow these steps to consume Gaviscon Double Action sachet:

  • Check the expiry date of the sachet.
  • Read the label of the sachet to identify if you are allergic to the ingredients.
  • Shake the sachet well before use.
  • Take one or two sachets after your meals and before going to sleep.
  • If the symptoms are mild and occur occasionally, you may take Gaviscon whenever necessary.
  • If you suffer from indigestion or heartburn frequently, you may take Gaviscon up to four times a day whether or not you have symptoms.

Please seek immediate medical advice if the symptoms persist after 7 days.

Please consume the sachet within 6 months of opening and store the rest of the sachets at a place out of reach and sight of children. Do not store at a place with a temperature higher than 30 degree Celsius and do not refrigerate the product.

What if I forget a dose?

If you forget to take Gaviscon on time, omit it and take your next dose at the designated time. Do not double the dose for the next consumption.

What if I took an extra dose than recommended?

You might experience stomach bloatedness and wind if you have taken an overdose. It will not cause harm to your body.

Special precautions

The following groups are advised to seek approval from a doctor before taking Gaviscon Double Action sachet.

  • Patient on diet restriction
    • Gaviscon Double Action sachet contains sodium and calcium compounds as active ingredients. This product contains a high salt content hence it should be taken into account for someone on a low salt diet such as patients with heart or kidney failure. Other than that, patients currently receiving treatment for hypercalcaemia and calcium-containing kidney stones should also consider the high level of calcium contained in the sachet before consumption.
  • Allergic towards the ingredient
    • The medicine contains sodium alginate, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate and esters of hydroxybenzoates (parabens). Please seek immediate medical attention if you experience skin rashes and difficulty in breathing after taking Gaviscon Double Action sachet.


The Gaviscon Double Action sachet brings a fast and long lasting relief for discomfort and pain due to various conditions causing heartburn and indigestion. The sachet form of Gaviscon is definitely convenient for consumers to bring along as a relief on the go. It works by reducing gastric acid and preventing the reflux into your food pipe causing the feeling of heartburn. Always read the label and follow the instructions before consuming it. Do consult a doctor if the symptoms do not go away after 7 days.